20 Rest Day Activities

Rest days should be a part of every fitness regimen. Muscles need time to recover and rest from all the workouts we’re doing. Rest days are actually where all the magic happens. It’s during your time of rest that your glow up is actually loading.


I believe in one to two rest days a week depending on my goal or the workouts I’ve done during the week. As a fitness instructor, I’ve learned that skipping my rest days are like skipping workouts. It’s on the list of things we’re not about to do.

So, what do I do on rest days? Here are 20 of my favorite ways to get a little R&R…



Rest days aren’t all about staying put. The goal is is to listen to your body by taking your activity level down a notch. I love going for a nice stroll on my rest days. Sometimes I’ll pick a trail or park that I haven’t been to before. You can call it self-care if you want but I also really enjoy slowly running my errands on rest days too.


Take a bath, soak those muscles in a lavender infused bubble bath. Catch up on a novel you’ve been meaning to finish. If you’re a Mom like me (or an equally as tired human being) consider taking a 30 minute nap.

Do anything that puts your mind and body at rest. I hope you’ll try some of the suggestions listed here.

What’s your favorite way to spend a rest day?

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